LSDJMC2 – LSDj Midi-Converter –


  1. Midi sync mode
    <<< for syncing with midi sync clock >>>
    Your Gameboy can be synced with other midi sequencers, drum machines via midi sync in this mode.
  2. Sound module mode
    <<< for using your Gameboy as like as midi sound modules >>>
    Connecting with midi equipped keyboard, you can play the unique 8-bit sounds as like as common midi sound modules.

LSDJMC2 was developed by Frau Holle aka firestARTer.
firestARTer’s website is here.

Sound module mode (indicated with the FULL MIDI-led) is supported up to and including version 3.9.2 of LSDj. (We strongly recommend the version 3.9.2 of LSDj to be fully compatible with LSDJMC2.)

Accessories (comes with)

Please select ” Connection Cable (A or B) ” when you place an order.

Does not come with 9V battery (6F22 / 006P) .

All units and cables in the pictures are sample edition.
There can be bit differences between actual ones you get.